Tough-Girl Braids

Beauty Attire

If you want to make a Tough Girl braid then use a pintail comb, make a low parting above one ear and flip the top section over your head. Spray the roots with dry shampoo. Part the bottom section in two and make two fine braids, simultaneously bringing in the small strands from the sides. Mist the braid with the shine spray to make the hair look healthier and tame flyaways.

Secure the braid with a transparent band. Pin it together with a bobby pint the back of the head

Spray the loose bits of hairs with a more dry shampoo and rub it into the sections between your fingers to puff it up if you want to add a pink lecture to it.

Top Trick:  When plating, take the strands under instead of over. This creates a 3-D ‘ridge’ effect that takes your plaits from pretty to ‘punk’.

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