Stick foundations

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We love stick foundations because they double as time-saving concealer and base, in one twist-up, go anywhere product. Just apply a touch extra when required on spots, blemishes or broken veins.

Our testers were not greatly convinced by may of the stick foundations they tried, and only two of the dozen or so sampled really made the grade with them, as you will see here. And there are no Beauty steals or products with disses for naturalness in this section because they just didn’t score highly enough. We admit that testing foundations for our Beauty Bible books are logistically challenging. Our approach is to put together a panel of women with similar skin tones, then send the same shade to all of them: we specifically ask our testers to ignore how well-or badly-the shade matches their skin, and focus their reports instead on coverage, ease of use, texture, and so on. Please remember that the key to choosing a good foundation is taking time to test as many as you can, so you arrive at a perfect match for your individual skin tone.

Reviews: ‘Very easy to apply with fingers or a damp sponge; I thought it would be thick and block my pores: completely wrong-it looked very natural’.’offers good coverage  but is non-clogging- also non-drying; actually creamy and almost moist’.’ looked amazing; silky velvety texture I hadn’t come across before’.’once I got it right, it was easier and quicker to apply than my usual liquid brands’.’huge thanks for this: portable, clean and super easy to touch ups at work and out’

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