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Our face is our front to the world. while the body is all covered up in clothes, the face bears the brunt of exposure to sun, dust and pollutants. As a result, every evening when you turn home there is a toxic layer of dirt and grime stuck to the upper dermis of your face.

If you desire a healthy and blemish free skin, daily cleansing is the first step to get it. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the three essential components of skincare.

*Wash your face with a skin exfoliating face wash or a face wash that suits your skin type. Use a moisturiser with a good SPF content few minutes before starting with the foundation.

Blemishes or Acne Spots:

If you have some blemishes or acne spots, it is better to hide it with a primer and then go towards applying the foundation. The foundation comes in various forms of powder, cream or liquid. Choose the one according to your preference but keep in mind that the foundation should be one shade lighter than your skin and should be blended well for a smooth skin.

Do not forget to apply a lip balm.

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