Skin Brighteners

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Skin Brighteners

Brighteners work by giving the complexion as instant boost: rather like primers, they go over moisturizer to create a base for makeup but usually deliver an extra element of illumination, in the form of light-reflecting particles that can ‘blur’ lines.

Skin Brighteners are great for perking skin that’s dull or basically looks as exhausted as you feel, helping to create the illusion of more luminous skin. They’re particularly good under evening make-up. If you want a super-matt complexion, these aren’t for you-but if you are after a little extra dewiness, a little extra glow, you’ll want it.

Reviews: Definitely made my skin look radiant, fresh, dewy and healthy: my friend and her 16-year-old daughter both LOVED it too, very practical pump dispenser, pinky-peachy-goldy tones would flatter most skin shades, fabulous for highlighting cheekbones, collarbones-and shines too! A very fussy friend tried it and bought it instantly. Skin looks so luminous and glowing and young! Perfect!

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