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7 Things Millionaires Do Every Day

EVER wondered what it is that drives super-successful women?

1. They avoid ‘neggy’ people.  The majority of the women who became successful quickly cite incredibly supportive partners. Toxic relationships are rarely left at home——if you have a partner who criticise you regularly or a best friend constantly causing drama—it will erode your self-esteem and impact your working life too. Surround yourself with people who support and really care about you.

2.They Argue. Fifty percent of the women interviewed described themselves as ‘argumentative’ and others said that they are comfortable arguing a point to closure. Learning to be assertive is vital for achieving success, but it means ditching your hang-ups– worrying if you’ve upset somebody y speaking your mind in detrimental. Lose ‘I don’t mind’ from your vocabulary too-take a stance. you’ll waste less time.

3. They keep a distance from colleagues. While most of the women interviewed are friendly and keen to build relationships with colleagues, they all maintain a line between work friends and non-work friends. None of them gets too close to colleagues: they’d never talk about marriage problems or friend drama at work, for example. Instead, they manage their emotions. That’s what people respect–and what ultimately leads to promotions.

4. They are diary freaks. Self-made millionaires have a schedule for everything and are incredibly disciplined about sticking to them. They know at the beginning of each week whom they will be with on which night. ensuring everything from meetings to free time schedules means you’re less likely to burn out, and you ‘ll work as efficiently as you possibly can.

5. They check their bank balance. Millionaires never ignore their balances-no matter what the situation. They constantly review their budgets, logging expenses daily so they know exactly what’s coming in or going out of their account at any given time. In doing so, you’ll be able to see clearly what you can and can’t  afford. All of the millionaires avoid ‘prince syndrome’ too.  Instead, they only splashed out an expensive cars or handbags after reaching financial security.

6. They get physical.  Every single one of the millionaires have a physical outlet to keep themselves centered. They range from team sports to meditation and the outdoor activities — all which have been proven to reduce stress. No matter how busy they are,  they do that regularly, sometimes as much as twice a day.

7. They give themselves a friggin break.  Without exception, all the millionaires see failure as part of success. 60 percent have experienced career ‘detours’ such as not getting the job they wanted or being made redundant. Don’t expect to have a ‘linear career’s-be open to change. And when you do fail, be compassionate towards yourself. Made a mistake in a meeting?Who cares. Start getting comfortable with failure.