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Women usually want to shine in our careers, good works, even amateur dramatics-but not, we’ve found, our T-zones! Hail, then, to a new generation of the product targeted at the oily and shiny skin, to keep skin matt and velvety all day long.

This category includes mattifying moisturisers as well as oil-absorbers that are designed to be applied over or under makeup. We chose specifically oily- and complexion- skinned testers for this trail, and we’re sorry to report that there were no winners worthy of a daisy for naturalness, or a “Beauty Steal’ tag: if you want truly matt skin, it seems you’ll have to splash out. There’s no ‘We Love’ for this category: luckily, we don’t shine very often-dryness is our problem.

Reviews: ‘Easy-to-follow instructions, skin looked immediately matt and very smooth, though it needed moisturising later’.’nice product and worked well: will use when I’m working- as a beauty consultant- and applying a full makeup’.’very good light moisturiser:  significantly reduces the size of pores for much smoother and less shiny skin’.’creamy lotion set to a very dry matt finish, made a really good base and foundation, set quite well, and  definitely lasted longer: might try using on eyelids to stop the shiny effect on them’.’gets rid of oiliness without drying my skin: make-up didn’t look caked on- will also use it without any makeup for hot-weather oiliness’.

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