All-in-one Compact

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For women with too much to do in too little time, these are a godsend: go-anywhere compacts of a creamy base, which cover a multitude of sins and don’t need power.

These can be applied with a damp sponge, for extra coverage, or a dry one, for light coverage or to ‘blot’ shine-there;s usually a sponge in the compact. testers were asked to comment on coverage, finish and whether or not the product was drying-which can be the only downside of these time-savers. No ‘natural’ contender scored well enough with our panellists to be featured here.

Reviews: ‘Best ever-very natural yet covered everything’.’lasted better than many-seven to eight hours’.’a lovely dewy feel’.’I especially liked the fact that this smart compact could be refilled’.

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